Clients Portfolio

Frankfurt Airport Hotel

Page content and SEO meta content for the 1st Terminal Hotel in Germanys biggest Airport:

Werk II Hotel

Typical german style Hotel in North Rhine-Westphalia with restaurant and free time activities:

Cerberus Digital Signage

Copywriting for the pages of Cerberus digital signage, trade show marketing, software and devices for public events.

Bergrath Online Shop

SEO, meta content and category descriptions for a big german hairdresser warehouse and distribution:

Punktplanung Marketing & Webdesign

Front page content, SEO and meta content for one of the aspiring agencies from Bavaria:

Nucleus Data Recovery Software

Copy and SEO for the german version of the website for the software company Nucleus Technologies:

Visual GFX Webdesign

Content and SEO for Visual GFX. Agency for Webdesign, video production and artist management.